BTS’s RM Tours ARMYs Around His Museum-like Apartment For The First Time

It become easy however embodied BTS`s chief perfectly.

BTS has come to be a family name, and the individuals have come to be celebrities who surpass global borders. Like many different K-Pop idols, the lads have attempted to defend their privateness with the aid of using hiding their private lives from the public.

ARMYs, BTS`s legitimate fandom, constantly treasure any intimate information the individuals determine to percentage with them, so naturally, enthusiasts freaked out while BTS`s chief, RM, took them on a excursion of his luxurious condominium via a vlog!

At the start of the excursion, RM gave a disclaimer announcing that his domestic become “Just me, books, and art work.”

He then confirmed ARMYs his bedroom, which blanketed a walk-in closet packed with clothes, a easy white bed, and a examine that RM claimed become getting used as a display.

Next got here the residing room, ruled with the aid of using books. Like many people, RM shared that he sold books earlier than he ought to even end studying those he had.

RM`s kitchen become easy, however he confirmed off bottles of wine and whiskey he loved drinking.

Like a real artist, RM had a whole segment of his domestic devoted to showing artists` illustrated books the use of a antique desk.

The complete condominium become included ceiling to ground with art work and sculptures, highlighted with the aid of using the in any other case naked interior, giving RM`s domestic a museum-like feel.

Namjoon`s residence is so beautiful, it become like a museum

— hope⁷ (@winnttaebear) December 10, 2022

Some netizens found out that RM had over a hundred works of artwork on display!

counted the quantity of artwork (art work + sculptures + moon jars) in namjoon`s residence and he has over a hundred 😭

— lex⁷ (@prodK0YA) December 10, 2022

The excursion become summarized in reality with the aid of using RM, “I informed you, it`s simply me, art work, and books…I`m glad with the way it looks.”

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