BTS’s RM Shares His Instagram DM Screenshots Proving How Comfortable He Is With ARMYs

His commitment to being honest with his fans is second to none.

In a recent interview, RM of BTS shared some screenshots of his Instagram DMs and touched the hearts of fans with his gestures.

DMs in question were exchanged between RM and his fellow artist, Paul Blanco. Blanco is his R&B artist from South Korea, where he has earned great acclaim from ARMYs for his smooth vocals on “Closer” featuring RM and Mahalia. BTS members repeatedly expressed their deep gratitude to Indigo, even calling him Korea’s “Best Yoongin” in a thank you note sent after Indigo was released.

In a previous interview, RM revealed that he reached out to him via Instagram and shared the song around 4am. Blanco contacted him about his hospitalization at 12:00 pm the next day. Surprised at how quickly he sent his part, RM asked if he never sleeps, to which the witty singer replied, “Hyungnim, sleep is for the rich!” – in a recent interview, when he shared a screenshot of his DM with Blanco. level of openness.

Hello Blanco.

I’m working on an album right now… There’s a song I want to dive into with you. If you want to go there, could you give me your contact information?

Paul Blanco:
Huh… good, hyung. 010-[remaining bokeh]. Please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime. I ride for your brother

Thank you! I’m working on a demo, but it should be finished tomorrow. We’ll rearrange the tracks a bit and then we’ll be back!

Paul Blanco:
No, I really appreciate it!! I work hard Please take your time and send.

Blanco-nim I’m sorry, but my throat isn’t feeling very well. So I think it will take a few days to readjust the route. I’ll send you a message when it’s ready!

Paul Blanco:
Don’t worry, health first, brother! Please take your time and submit. fine. please do not worry.

— RM and his DM from Paul Blanco

Fans were touched by the fact that RM felt comfortable sharing the entire conversation even though there was no need for it. Many also noted the sweet dynamic between the two artists, which is reflected in their correspondence.

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