BTS’s RM Opens Up About What’s Next For Him After “Indigo”

RM’s first post-album plans did not go as expected.

RM of BTS released his debut solo album ‘Indigo’ following his two successful solo mixtapes released in 2015 and his 2018.

Featuring nine incredible artists, his genre-bending 10-track album brought RM’s 20s to life full of many life-changing moments and unforgettable memories.

As the leader of one of the world’s most popular music groups, RM explores his non-BTS solo music while embracing what it means to be one of his seven in BTS. have developed their own musical identity.

Of course, this group is an important part of my life. But it doesn’t quite represent who I am, and I had to release this album to stand on my own two feet as an individual.

— RM

Speaking to Hypebeast shortly after the album’s release, RM said indigo was essential to maintaining his identity after spending more than nine years with his groupmates.

When RM was asked how he felt after releasing the long-awaited album he worked on Indigo for four years, he said:

I feel like I’ve finally finished the homework I’ve been putting off for so long. It also feels like his IPO for the RM brand. I am very proud to have been able to leave a record of trials and tribulations in my late twenties. — RM

The album has been long awaited. RM began recording her own music in 2007 under her stage name Runch Randa. After 15 years, two stage name changes, and his nine years as the leader of BTS, he has earned the special status of having another industry legend join his album. Among them is legendary American singer-songwriter Erykah Badu, dubbed the “Queen of Neo Soul.”

Another of these legends is Tablo of his Epik High, a Korean hip-hop pioneer. He hadn’t even heard the samples RM sent him before agreeing to appear on the album.

After receiving critical acclaim for the album and RM working with some of his biggest influences, you’d think RM would take some time to soak up the success of the release.To Know the Leader of BTS9 After spending years ARMYs might have predicted he wasn’t slowing down. Instead, he told Hypebeast that he had already started work on his next music project before the album was released. made it clear.

I had a hard time putting Indigo together, so I wanted to take a break after the release. But when I released it, I found new inspiration and a desire to work on new music. I realized that I’m not really the type to take a break. — RM

In a quick note to ARMY about what’s next, he shared that his next project will be something lighter and more playful than the heavier themes covered by Indigo.

For more on Indigo’s creative process for his RM, check out the article below.

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