BTS’s RM Is The Biggest “Slam Dunk” Fan In His Recent Instagram Update

After some time, BTS’s RM has become truly familiar with offering his day to day existence tricks to ARMYs through his Instagram. While the vast majority of his new posts are about his visits to displays and exhibition halls, he frequently slips for entertainment only snapshots of his own life into stories. However ARMYs love his unfiltered life refreshes, his new stories had a couple of fans scratching their heads in disarray.

RM as of late posted two stories on his Instagram. The first was a photograph of his palm, alongside another person’s, and the text “No.1” and “Gatekeeper” were altered onto them.

The subsequent story was a video of him high-fiving the companion he was with.

Most ARMYs were befuddled about what those texts and the high-five truly inferred. That is the point at which the Manga geeks of the being a fan acted the hero.

Both the accounts that RM presented are references on the Japanese comic series Sure thing. Since RM recently posted one more story of him at a cinema, fans are presently speculating that he presumably headed out to watch the film The Main Sure thing and posted the tales subsequently.

The principal story was a reference to the characters Miyagi Ryota (Korean person name: Child Taesub) and Ayako (Korean rendition: Hanna). Ayako, the director of the group, composes the words “No. 1 watchman” on Ryota’s palm before the major event to rouse him.

The high-five in the subsequent story was a reference to the high-five of Hanamachi Sakuragi and Rukawa Kaede.

As the occupant Sure thing lover of BTS, it seems to be Suga currently has some intense contest from his colleague.

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