BTS’s RM Got Candid About What He Thinks About Love And Which Part Disappoints Him In The New Teaser Of “The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge”

Hopeful romantic, if so.

On Nov. 18, KST’s TvN show The Dictionary of Useless Human Knowledge released an extended teaser highlighting key moments in the upcoming episode. BTS’s RM and filmmaker Jang Hanjun serve as co-MCs for the show alongside four of her cast members. Shim Chae Kyung. The show will focus on a different topic each episode through entertaining talks and talks by a cast of six.

During one such discussion in the teaser, RM gave a very poetic explanation of what “love” means to him. I have thought a lot about what love is. There will be hatred, and there will be jealousy. There are many emotions under the umbrella of “love”.


However, shortly after, Kim Sang Wook added his perspective to the concept of love. He said that getting to know his partner better makes him feel less excited about love in the first place.

When he knows his partner perfectly, he is no longer a butterfly. — Kim Sang Wook

🐨 사랑이 뭘까 그런생각 엄청 했었거든요. 미움도 있을 수 있고 질투도 있을 수 있고. 여러가지의 감정이 사랑이라는 과목 아래에 있을 수 있지 않을까
🔭 완벽하게 상대를 알면 설렘이 생기지 않거든요
🐨 아 너무 슬퍼 🥲

F의 감정 동홬ㅋㅋㅋ

— 김무원 (@jooniefighting) November 18, 2022

That observation probably resonated with RM. He said, “Oh, that’s too sad!”

RM’s romantic look in the teaser tempted ARMYs to learn more about what RM had to say on the matter. Already discussed by many.

We all have the same opinion. This is my experience after nearly 30 years of marriage. Marrying your best friend is very important. Because the “butterfly” fades as you grow

together and build a healthy and trusting relationship foundation that deeply cares about your partner.


— Connect to 7G.BTS⁷ 🇺🇸 (@FalTerri) Nov 18, 2022

+ And since your relationship is strong and you communicate well with your partner, you’re still getting butterflies.

— P Kulkarni (@bangtan7tan613) November 18, 2022

Now, from this we can see that the teaser did its job, because the show is ultimately about getting people to discuss different topics and share ideas!

The first episode of The Dictionary of Useless Human Knowledge airs December 2nd at 8:00 AM.
50 pm Korean time. You can watch the full trailer here:



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