BTS’s ‘Proof of Inspiration,’ V Talks About His Inspiration For “Singularity” and “00.00”

Proof’s arrival is only a few weeks away. Since it is going to be an anthology album, meaning it will be a mix of many past drops and a few new drops too, BTS has started a Proof of Inspiration series in which the group members will be talking about their inspiration for vouching for a song to be included in the album.

Starting with V, V’s proof of inspiration for taking “Singularity and 00.00 in Proof is inspired by his personal struggle of deciding between the two identities. According to V, he had struggled deciding between his identity as V and Kim Taehyung, a concept reflected in “Singularity.”

According to the singer, ‘V’ is the person that performs on the stage and ‘enjoys himself with ARMY’ while Kim Taehyung is the individual that spends ordinary days with family and friends.

However, he has now learned to not fight on choosing one, and accept both identities, which has lessened his burden as day resets, a concept signified in “00.00,” at midnight.


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