BTS’s Jungkook Shocks Netizens With His Talent And Professionalism After Encountering Difficulty During His Performance At The FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony

His performance was so perfect no one noticed!

BTS’s Jungkook ran into technical issues during his performance of ‘Dreamers’ at the opening ceremony of his cup at 2022 FIFA Worlds, but the way he handled it showed that he was really (talented) Showed to be professional.

Jungkook made history as the first Korean actor to open a World Cup and for his stellar performance he earned praise from ARMYs.

However, despite the positive response, Jungkook surprised fans by claiming he wasn’t completely satisfied with his performance. , ARMYs couldn’t believe it. .

Jungkook is known for his outstanding talent as the group’s main vocalist. Fans in Japan recently ranked him among his top K-pop male singers, and he was also highly praised by youngest collaborator Charlie His Puth.

No wonder he sang live at the opening ceremony of the World Cup and was so impressed.


Needless to say, the news made a huge impression on fans given the quality of his live singing. And of course they were so proud!

Jungkook said he couldn’t hear himself during his performance, but he nevertheless delivered a flawless and powerful vocal, so you could never say there were complications.

It’s even more impressive, as we just heard that Jungkook couldn’t hear himself during his World Cup performance.

Jungkook never disappoints as a performer. Even when faced with difficulties on such a big stage, he managed to deliver a flawless performance, once again reminding us why he is one of the best singers of his generation. .

— JK Vocals & Praises (@jjkvocal_) November 20, 2022


A word about Jeon Jungkook:That mic is always on and no vocals sound like his

— agust d⁷ 👩‍🚀 (@pjmyoongii) November 20, 2022



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