BTS’s Jungkook Is Simply An Incredible Artist

He`s the definition of multitalented

It`s no mystery that certainly considered one among BTS Jungkook`s many abilities is art! He blessed ARMYs` eyes once more together along with his paintings in his “BE Log,” which went in-intensity into his innovative technique while painting.

The video commenced off with the aid of using displaying Jungkook`s extreme awareness while considering what to paint. After a few cautious deliberation, he settled on a tree with a deep which means at the back of it.

He blended collectively numerous desire hues to shape the background…

…and the end result became a beautiful ombré sky this is harking back to many high-quality paintings!

He additionally introduced a few patches of grass to the lowest and commenced on the point of interest of the painting—a tree.

Little with the aid of using little, Jungkook`s cautiously located info introduced the tree to life.

It wasn`t an everyday tree, however. Painted purple, its leaves shaped the form of a heart, however its signature characteristic became absolutely the manner it glowed brightly!

Jungkook didn`t ruin his awareness the complete time he painted.

After he finished, he defined the lovely which means at the back of his work.

I attempted to specific what`s in my heart. This tree glows with the aid of using itself, and there`s not anything subsequent to it. But! It firmly stays in its place. And this tree is constantly glowing!

— Jungkook

He ended with the aid of using inviting everybody to have a take a observe it every time they need to, “Come have a take a observe this tree anytime!”

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