BTS’s Jungkook Comes Up With A Hilarious New Dance Move…And The Members Are Obsessed

Their responses! 🤣

As of late, BTS delivered in the background film of the individuals rehearsing for their On the way in Busan show.

They arranged their spic and span movement for never-before-seen exhibitions like “RUN BTS.”

They likewise investigated tunes they knew forwards and backwards, just to ensure the subtleties were all cleaned.

While rehearsing “Margarine,” Jungkook demonstrated he never runs out of energy! Needing to stir it up, he added a new and diverting move where he bounced from one side to another during the verses “Blistering like (summer), Ain’t no (bummer).”

True to form, the individuals quickly carried out the new movement and adored it!

From that point, everybody let out their most misrepresented form of the dance. They always remember to have a good time!

Watch the full video underneath.

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