BTS’s Jin Wanted To Cry When His Pink, Sparkly Microphone Lost Some Rhinestones — But He Had A Genius Solution

BTS’s Jin is known for his adoration for everything pink!

From garments to adornments, a significant number of his #1 things he possesses are splendid, bubblegum pink.

While practicing for On the way in Busan, everything was working out positively for the BTS individuals… until Jin spread the word about it that something was going on to his valuable pink receiver!

The individuals started to accumulate around him during practice when he sounded upset.

Tinkering with the mouthpiece in the mic stand, Jin’s appearance showed the way in which focused he felt!

The thinking? Jin didn’t need any of the rhinestones from his pink, shimmering receiver to tumble off! A staff part wound up eliminating it from the stand as cautiously as could really be expected, yet a couple of dabs were lost simultaneously.

Somebody proposed he take every one of the globules off, yet Jin declined!

I believe I will cry…

— Jin

Later on during practices, Jin had an answer for safeguard his pink mouthpiece.

Jin: I changed my mic [to a green one]!

Jimin: Whose is it?

Jin: Mine!

Jin uncovered he generally hauls around a back-up mouthpiece, for good measure! He’s continuously thinking ahead.

That makes sense of why ARMYs could see Jin utilizing a green mouthpiece every once in a while!

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