BTS’s Jin And Chef Baek Jong Won Test Their Public Recognition And One Immediately Regrets It

BTS’ Jin is back with two new episodes of his YouTube series The Drunken Truth. In this episode, his friend, celebrity chef Baek He works with Jung Won.

BTS chef Baek Jong-won and Jin formed a close friendship last year after the famous chef appeared on his episode of Run BTS!2021.

In his final two episodes, the famous chef and global idol met with a skilled alcoholic craftsman, Park Krok-dam, to create makgeolli, a traditional Korean rice wine.

In the episode, Park Rok guided Dam Jin through the steps of making a traditional Korean rice wine that Korean families have been doing for generations. After receiving the information, I carefully brought home the rice that had been soaked to ferment. In Episode 3, Jin and Chef Baek Jong-won finally get to taste their homemade makgeolli. When Baek Jong-won jokingly teased that their first attempt at making jin makgeolli was a huge success, they flaunted their hilarious competitive camaraderie. Did.


The episode quickly became a battle of trust between the two friends. As a result, the two decided to go to a local market and gather people who could taste the makgeolli in a blind test and decide which one was better. As they chatted on their way to the market, the topic of food came up as they discussed the ingredients for dinner. Jin and his parents said they are best known for their recipe for yukhoe sauce, a popular raw meat dish in Korean cuisine. When Jin began to reveal the secret ingredient to the chef, Baek Jong-won hilariously shut him up, saying that he didn’t think Jin’s yukhoe dish would go well.

Already showing their competitive side, they arrived at the shop.The road to their business went to Pungmul Market, the largest traditional Korean market on Ganghwa Island. Chef Baek Jong-won had already been recognized in the parking lot, so Jin jokingly complained that he was less recognizable with his mask on. When I suggested making it easier, Jin immediately backed off.


Upon entering the store, Baek Jong-won asked fans if they recognized Jin for helping his younger friend. Jin jokingly explained that the unexpected reception hurt his self-esteem.


Once at the store, Jin hilariously gave up on winning the ‘Popularity Contest’ when Baek Jong-won immediately flocked for photos while BTS members had to wait for the superstar chef. . Ultimately, they came to the conclusion that younger people they met in the blind makgeolli taste test were more likely to choose gin makgeolli, while older people were more likely to choose Baek Jong-won makgeolli.

When they returned to their car, Jin walked out of the house and said it was the first time he had gone unrecognized in a long time.The production team joked that the BTS members “completely lost” the competition.

Of course, BTS’s Jin is a household name around the world, and both celebrities have worked tirelessly in their respective fields to achieve fame. After all, they are both successful winners. For Jin’s latest thoughts on fame and what really defines him, check out the article below

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