BTS’s Jimin Shares  Inspiration To Add “Filter” And “Friends” In Proof

BTS’s Proof of Inspiration series continues in which the members shed light on their inspiration for the addition of a particular song in the upcoming anthology album, “Proof.”

The singer, Jimin, talking about his inspiration for making “Filter” and “Friends” part of the album, emphasized the role of the friends in reminding oneself of their true essence.

As he said,

“I wanted “Filter” and “Friends” to be included in this album. I wanted to live up to the ARMY’s expectations and show them many different sides to myself. And I still have many different colors to share. I might have come across as being colorless instead of colorful if I’d have accommodated myself to other people’s ideas without having a distinct hue of my own. But my “Friends”- the members and ARMY were always there to help me remind myself of what my essence is and keep myself centered. You are my Proof.”

What do you think about Jimin’s proof of inspiration?

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