BTS’s J-Hope Spills The Unique Habit He’s Had Ever Since He Was Young

The maximum committed ARMYs observed this!

BTS`s J-Hope has a number of the cutest conduct! From tilting his head whilst he`s confused…

…to gambling together along with his earlobe and neck even as he`s focusing, simplest the maximum observant ARMY note the smallest information about the BTS members.

However, J-Hope these days discovered one of the conduct he observed he does all of the time: Fixing his sideburns!

Ever considering that he changed into young, he says his sideburns have continually caught out. To fight that, he attempted his exceptional over time to flatten them each time he could.

Since I changed into young, my sideburns have caught out very often. So, I`ve stored touching the facet of my hair considering that I changed into a student.

— J-Hope

He attempted all distinct methods to flatter his sideburns each time he could!

Whenever or wherever, like this or like that. Even with diverse methods, you know! *Laughing*

— J-Hope

One time, for the duration of a fansign event, J-Hope attempted his exceptional to take a adorable selfie.

However, he changed into speedy disappointed with it whilst his sideburns caught out! He even rubbed his fingers collectively and pressed them to the edges of his head in hopes of pulling down them.

This is simply one in every of J-Hope`s precise quirks that make him so adorable!

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