BTS’s J-Hope Reveals How He Truly Feels About The Group’s Maknae Line

J-Hope can’t help but think of his younger members when traveling alone.

BTS’s J-Hope recently took the stage for a solo performance at the 2022 MAMA Awards in Osaka, Japan.

J-Hope really became the main event, performing “MORE,” “Future,” “Arson,” and giving ARMYs a special gift when he called Jin during BTS’s “MAMA Platinum” award acceptance speech. I helped with

While in Japan, he traveled from Osaka to Tokyo to visit BTS EXHIBITION 2022:
Proof. His visit was caught in the latest BTS bombshell. A special exhibit features a collection of photos, quotes, memorabilia, and videos highlighting BTS’s journey.

As J-Hope walks through the exhibit, the group travels back in time as memories with her mates come alive.

He was soon met by a large billboard with his familiar face and couldn’t contain his feelings when he saw his precious youngest line.

BTS’ youngest line officially consists of Jungkook, V, and Jimin, but J-Hope often subordinates them as the self-proclaimed “King” of the maknae line.

After looking at PROOF’s concept photos, J-Hope shared how he feels about the younger members, starting with Jungkook, the youngest member of the group. J-Hope hilariously exposed Jungkook, revealing that he “never listened” but that all is well “because he’s handsome for sure.”

The next photo is of his best friend Jimin, and J-Hope couldn’t resist scratching Jimin’s chin on the poster while heartwarmingly sharing that he was raising a young member.

Then I came across a poster of BTS’s Jin, the oldest member of the group. Although Jin is not of maknae lineage, J-Hope jokingly makes him an honorary maknae and declares the group’s adorable hyung to be the “youngest” of the group.

Eventually, his path crossed V, the last member of the Maknae lineage, and he paused to share again that he too had raised himself.

In another section of the exhibit, J-Hope remarked on how well V has grown up and how handsome he has been over the years. The BTS members are truly valuable to J-Hope, and the younger members are especially loved by Hobi. And because it shows care, it will be returned in a heartwarming way.

Learn more about their inspiring connection in the article below!

BTS’s J-Hope receives a heartwarming phone call on his birthday from Maknaeline

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