BTS’s J-Hope Reveals How He Truly Feels About The Group’s Maknae Line

INI members had a fateful meeting with J-Hope behind the scenes of ‘MAMA Awards 2022′.

South Korea’s popular idol contest program, Produce 101, also has successful official offshoots in China and Japan.

The second season of Produce 101 Japan launched popular 11-piece J-pop group INI.

Many INI members admire artists such as legendary Japanese pop group ARASHI and global sensation BTS.

INI attended the MAMA Awards 2022 in Osaka, Japan on November 29, and was also attended by J-Hope of BTS.


Bringing together Asia’s top stars, the MAMA Awards has been a source of interaction with many memorable and iconic artists. While INI was unable to meet any BTS members as a group, their youngest member, Hitoshi Matsuda, spilled his experience of unexpected encounters with top stars and Japanese media outlet Media Press.

Hitoshi Matsuda shared that he was waiting in an elevator when a bodyguard approached him.The bodyguard announced that BTS’s J-Hope was approaching, and considered J-Hope’s notoriety. Matsuda thought he would be asked to wait for the next elevator.

Moments later, J-Hope arrived, surrounded by about ten bodyguards. Rather than wait, J-Hope, being a naturally humble lover, insisted that Hitoshi Matsuda join them in the elevator. Hitoshi Matsuda hilariously revealed that his nerve-wracking high-pressure elevator ride with industry elders felt like it lasted “forever.” It was certainly an unforgettable exchange with an idol for Hitoshi Matsuda!

I wonder how his older members reacted after he shared their happy encounter.

This isn’t the first time J-Hope has been remembered for his friendly elevator interactions. TXT’s Beomgyu also had a touching encounter with a talented BTS member in the HYBE building elevator.

Learn more about their exchange below!

TXT’s Beomgyu reveals he bumped into BTS’ J-Hope in an elevator

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