BTS’s J-Hope Exposes The Realities Of Giving His “2022 MAMA Awards” Speeches On His Own

This is how he actually felt!

This year, BTS`s J-Hope took on a modern day project on the 2022 MAMA Awards via way of means of representing each BTS as a set and himself as a solo artist. Not handiest did he placed on a showstopping headlining performance, he went on to simply accept quite a few awards for the achievements of each BTS and himself as a soloist.

After the event, he held a livestream to speak to ARMY and discovered simply how new the entire enjoy changed into for him to wait an award display on his own.

Because of this, the display had a totally new and unique feeling for him.

As a the soloist J-Hope, I got here out and I changed into capin a position to expose myself shine on degree today. It felt actually unique for me. It changed into a captivating day for me.

— J-Hope

Specifically, he recalled how unique it changed into to acquire an award at an award display via way of means of himself, stand on the podium via way of means of himself, and deliver a solo speech.

Typically, while all of BTS is together, the participants will all upload communicate for a part of the speech, for that reason creating a whole speech together.

Now, J-Hope needed to do all of it himself, such as start and give up the speech.

After participants communicate first, I can be the only who will keep on. For me to begin the speech, I wasn`t capable of acquire my thoughts.

— J-Hope

Typically, RM starts BTS`s speeches and J-Hope shared each for the duration of his livestream and for the duration of the real speech that he changed into thankful for RM`s capacity to do so.

Anyway, I changed into capable of appreciate RM as soon as more!

— J-Hope

However, in all of J-Hope`s speeches in the course of the event, netizens referred to he spoke eloquently as he expressed his grateful and humble thoughts! Though he won’t be used to it, he proved himself to be a top notch speaker.

Check out what else he shared for the duration of the livestream below.

The “MAMA Awards” Are Extra Meaningful To BTS`s J-Hope For This Unique Reason

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