BTS’s “Flat Peach” Jin Is Actually Much Rounder Than ARMY Thought, After Shaving His Head

This is how hallucinations happened!

One of BTS Jin’s cutest nicknames, he may need some changes.

Affectionately referred to by ARMYs as her bongsungah (납작복숭아), which means “flat peach”, Jin’s hair resembled a flat peach after waking from sleep.

Flat peaches tend to be rounder, but have a flatter shape compared to regular peaches.

Judging by Jin’s hairstyle after a nap, his nickname is perfect for him!However, netizens recently discovered that this is not his true head shape.
It’s his hair illusion.

Some photos from this period have even inspired hilarious fan art from talented ARMYs.

자다 일어난 납작복숭아 귀여워,,,@BTS_twt #JIN #석진

– 🐢세찌🍪 (@3zziBear_bts) August 23, 2021

When a video of Jin getting a haircut recently came out, you can see how round his head is!

Likewise, fans saw his true head shape at military inauguration. His head seems pretty round! So how is that possible?

Fans found Jin’s newfound knowledge so adorable!It means he’s only one thing.
His thick hair fooled everyone the whole time.

You can see Jin’s back ← → Jin’s real head
The back of the head is not flat. He has a lot of hair, probably slept all night and just flattened it out.

– army

. I knew the back ←
→ real rear view

Really thick and plentiful hair, not flat, but held firmly in one position while sleeping

— Roro (@_1992_12_04_) December 15, 2022

Jin has thick hair, which sometimes makes her head look flat when she’s down. In reality, however, the little head is round and hardly moves when sleeping.

It seems that “flat peach” is actually “round peach”! Anyway, I love the fresh and fruity appeal of gin. 🍑

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