BTS’Map Of The Soul: 7’album, acquired platinum in the US

Sold over 1 million units in about 8 months after release in February


Group Bulletproof Boy Scouts (BTS)’s 4th regular album “Map Of the Soul: 7” acquired the “Platinum” certification given when sales exceed 1 million units in the US.

On the 17th (local time), the American Record Industry Association (RIAA) officially announced that BTS’ 4th album, released in February this year, has acquired platinum on the 16th. ‘LOVE YOURSELF 結’, the 3rd regular repackage released in August 2018, is the second in the album category after it acquired platinum in January this year.

The RIAA provides gold (over 500,000), platinum (over 1 million), multi-platinum (over 2 million), and diamond (over 10 million) certifications depending on the sales of digital singles and albums. For albums, it includes digital and physical album sales, digital downloads, audio and video streaming, and digital singles count digital downloads, audio and video streaming, etc.

BTS has already received platinum for three songs in the digital single category. ‘MIC Drop’ received platinum certification in November 2018, and’Poetry for Little Things’ last June. In January this year, the title song “IDOL” of the 3rd regular repackage album also joined the ranks of platinum singles.

BTS will release their new album’BE (Deluxe Edition)’ at the same time around the world on the 20th, and release the title song’Life Goes On’ for the first time at the ‘2020 American Music Awards’ held on the 22nd. do.




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