BTS Wins All Spots On Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart

BTS has awed everyone with their unmatched win on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart.

On the latest chart dated June 25, the boy band has conquered all the 15 spots on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart.

Winning over every single spot on the chart is not BTS’s brand new accomplishment. In fact, the band achieved the same feat twice in the past on Sept. 8, 2018, and March 7, 2020.

Regarding the recent chart, the top three positions belonged to the BTS’s new songs from Proof. The complete list goes as,

  1. BTS – “Yet to Come”
  2. BTS – “Run BTS”
  3. BTS – “For Youth”
  4. BTS – “Born Singer”
  5. BTS – “No More Dream”
  6. BTS – “Run”
  7. BTS – “N.O”
  8. BTS – “I NEED U”
  9. BTS – “Spring Day”
  10. BTS – “Cypher Pt.3: Killer” (featuring Supreme Boi)
  11.  BTS – “Danger”
  12. BTS – “Blood Sweat & Tears”
  13. BTS – “Boy In Luv”
  14. BTS – “Euphoria”
  15. BTS – “Filter”

Congratulations, BTS!

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