BTS was most tweeted about musicians in 2020, leaving behind Kanye West, Beyonce, and many others

2020 has been very unusual. Nothing went as planned. Lockdown and quarantine locked people into their homes for months, which none of us had thought of even in our wildest dreams.

In such circumstances, when you can’t go out due to a wild disease that came out of nowhere, there is only one option available to accede to interact and engage with the people around you – Social media.

The latest data by the social media giant Twitter endorses the notion as well. According to the stats released by the company, the word ‘quarantine’ and ‘home’ had been in the spotlight throughout the year, and this makes pretty much sense also.

But, our concern here is the music category.

Any guesses who was popular in the music world?

Yes, you got it right.

The one and only ‘BTS’ topped the tally this time as well and emerged as the most tweeted about musicians in the United States.

The second on the list is Kanye West, followed by Beyonce snuggling in the third place.

Not only this, but BTS was also the sixth-most tweeted about figure worldwide. These results speak of themselves and are indicative of the BTS’s unparalleled popularity on a global level.

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