BTS V’s Live Broadcast Was Only Six Minutes, But His Barefaced Visuals Managed To Send ARMYs Into Meltdown

Despite his diet’s lack of strength, he demonstrated his love for his supporters with a broadcast!

Even when they are exhausted, BTS members will always make time to talk to and connect with their ARMY because they care about them so much. Recently, despite being exhausted, BTS’s V showed his love for the ARMYs with a six-minute broadcast that had fans swooning.

The epic dance practice for BTS’ song “Run BTS” was released on November 13 (KST).

The ARMYs couldn’t suppress their amazement when a notice revealed that V was doing a live broadcast, as if that video wasn’t already a present.

As soon as the video started, V appeared immaculate with his bare-faced appearance and was tease viewers with his good looks before he eventually greeted them.


V made it clear from away that the broadcast wouldn’t go very long because he didn’t have much to say. But his pictures were

V didn’t speak much throughout the show, but several ARMYs made jokes about it being similar to video calling your lover. In particular, when he revealed what he had been doing and that he had returned online to communicate with ARMYs after taking a sleep and speaking with Jungkook.

One of the funnier scenes was V saying, “Oh, I have no battery,” as he was speaking with ARMYs on his phone and suddenly noticed that it was running low.

By using his fluent French, he even caused ARMYs to collapse, stating, “Bonjour, je m’appelle Tae. Merci.”

Along with his ability to slay ARMYs with his graphics,

Despite being tired and exhausted, V still made time to chat and communicate with his fans, even if it was only for a few minutes. You can read more about what we are sending to below.

His V Of BTS Made History With His Shortest Weverse Live Broadcast Record All Because He Wanted To Test The Platform 

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