BTS ‘V’ makes simple yet meaningful additions to the #ARMY Room

#ARMY room is close to achieving its final look. After Suga, RM, JungKook, and Jimin, it’s V’s turn to make additions to this special room.

Like other members, V also opted for simple yet meaningful objects. He added a record player and vase to the #ARMY room, giving people the message of listening to their hearts, and eliminating the struggling emotions from their lives.

The 25-year-old said,

“When working on music, I’ve found the same song can give a dramatically different feel depending on how you listen to it. I listen with a Bluetooth speaker and CD but I’ve heard that a record has the best kind of sound that’s why I wanted to put a turntable in ARMY’s room.

It would be even better if you listen to a song with someone else. Listening to the same song together is like sharing emotions. Why don’t you give it a spin when you invite friends to your room? I think I hear jazz from Sammy Davis Jr. or Frank Sinatra from this turntable, perfect to give warmth on a cold winter day.”

About the vase, he said,

“I was thinking what object from my house would look good in ARMY’s room and I decided on a vase as a gift. It doesn’t particularly stand out from my things, there are no elaborate adornments or colors, but oddly enough it always catches my eyes.

The branches reach out haphazardly but the more I look at it, the more this lack of order becomes appealing. If you have something that’s weighing on your mind, don’t think too deeply.

Just do what your heart tells you to do, like those branches that go every which way. Eventually, you’ll become as naturally beautiful and as eye-catching as that vase.”

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