BTS V Drops His Full Night Routine — And ARMYs Are Shook By What He Wears To Sleep

BTS`s V lately spilled all of the information about his night time recurring and a lot of his solutions left ARMYs intrigued.

He discovered that earlier than bed, he constantly has the identical recurring: He brushes his teeth, beverages a chilly glass of water, and eats a gummy.

Then, he places a few aroma oil under his nostril and is prepared to hug his pillow to sleep!

He discovered it may take him four hours to fall asleep! However, he`s now no longer considering much — He`s simply zoning out maximum of the time.

V discovered his preferred manner to sleep is with a bit much less clothing.

I sleep topless and with a pajama backside otherwise I can`t fall asleep.

— V

Plus, he loves having desirable scents like aroma oil to assist him sleep, however he`s now no longer certain if it works.

He turns his past due night time snacks into complete food and likes to order such things as bunsik (Korean rapid food), fried chicken, or hwe (uncooked fish).

Additionally, he performed a “This or That” quiz approximately his preferred bedtime rituals. Check out his solutions under!

What could you pay attention to earlier than bed? Classical song vs. Nature sounds

Which blanket texture? Crinkly and funky vs. Cozy and heat

Which blanket design? Plain and neat vs. Checkered

Do you switch at the nightstand earlier than bed? Yes vs. No

Which pillow? High vs. Low (Real choice: In between)

Which exercise earlier than bed? Basic stretching vs. Intense ab crunches

Which bedtime book? A restoration essay vs. A sluggish touching novel

What comforts you earlier than bed? A spherical of video games vs. Online purchasing

Do you sleep with a blanket withinside the summer? Yes vs. No

Must-have wintry weather items? Heated bed pad vs. Cozy fleece pants and socks (Real choice: Neither)

Which nature sound earlier than bed? Crickets vs. Waves

Check out Jungkook`s solutions under.

BTS`s Jungkook Spills His Night Routine — What He Wears To Bed, Late Night Snacks, And More



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