BTS Turn Into Fanboys When An ARMY Stunned Them With Her Dance Skills— And Their Reactions Are Absolutely Adorable

She passed the BTS vibe check, that’s for sure!
Lucky her ARMY got the chance to meet BTS at her You Quiz On The Block, but their meeting was unexpected. The ARMY in question was Kim Jonghyun, who went viral in her high school auditorium a few years ago with her dance cover of BTS’s “Mic Drop.”She guest-starred on You Quiz On The Block last year, and this time she Back before BTS.

She turned the tables on BTS as she appeared confidently on the set of “Mic Drop,” clapping and waving like she was the show’s rightful star. The members were amazed and greatly enjoyed the performance. She immediately started choreographing “Mic Drop,” and BTS lived for it.
Her members were overjoyed and danced with her to her choreography.
She was totally engrossed in the performance and she pointed to BTS like she pointed to ARMY during the performance. Their reactions were adorable, looking like ARMYs blown away by their favorite idols, further proving that BTS truly are ARMY’s biggest fans.
After the performance, Kim Jonghyun said, “Wow, I’m so tired” because of her exhausted look, making her members laugh and complimenting her dance. Her confidence and bubbly energy instantly energized all members, with other ARMYs applauding her confidence and appreciating her for being herself.

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