BTS To Join President Biden To Celebrate AANHPI Heritage Month

Not only for the impeccable singing but BTS is also known for its engagement in the activities around human welfare and protection.

In chain with its previous actions, BTS is going to join President Joe Biden on the 31st of this month to celebrate Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month and discuss the important matters of ‘Asian inclusion and representation’ and the rise in the anti-Asian crimes in the recent era.

The White House confirmed the news through a press release on May 26. Meanwhile, reacting to the news of the White House visit, BTS’s group leader RM said,

“As I’m living, all sorts of things are happening. Since we’re going for a good purpose, we will have a good visit. When I went on vacation to the United States before, I only saw [the White House] from afar. [This time,] I get to go inside. Since we’re going thanks to you all, this [visit] is also yours.”

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