BTS To Drop A Butter (Hotter Remix) On May 28

Butter’s rule has just begun. It has been super successful since its release on May 21, topping many charts and shattering multiple records.

Now, the band has something next-level planned for the audience.

Yes, we are talking about a Butter Remix, which according to the label, Big Hit, is going to be a “Hotter version” of the BTS’s second-English Track, with the artist donning more sharp outfits, with some bold backgrounds

The company also went on dropping some teaser photos from the upcoming release, and the visuals totally comply with the above details.

The official Big Hit statement on the Weverse read: 


‘Butter (Hotter Remix)’ will exude a feel that’s delightfully different from the original song’s bright and lively mood. We hope ‘Butter (Hotter Remix)’ and its new take on the inimitable charm of BTS will fill your entire day with sizzling energy.”


We are really excited about this new drop on May 28th? Every BTS’s production, no doubt, is a masterpiece, so the expectations are already high.

Are you excited too? Let’s know in the comments below!



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