BTS Tested Their Typing Speeds On “Run BTS!” — Here Are Their Rankings From Slowest To Fastest

At the start of Episode 133 of Run BTS!, the lads went face to face to look who has the quickest typing talents withinside the group. Hilariously, the member with the slowest rating changed into given a large penalty!

Suga sat out for this episode, so the rating most effective consists of the opposite six members. Check out their ratings from slowest to quickest below!

6. Jungkook
Out of every person withinside the group, Jungkook had the slowest typing rating at 4,555 factors.

Because he got here in last, he changed into given a hilarious handicap for the relaxation of the game—a large keyboard!

And yes, he may want to most effective kind nicely via way of means of cautiously punching every large key. One finger is commonly all this is had to press a key, however Jungkook had no desire however to apply a whole hand!

5. J-Hope
J-Hope got here in subsequent with a complete rating of 7,473. With that range, he landed at 5th area a number of the members.

4. V
Following J-Hope, V scored a first rate 9,915 factors, setting him fourth withinside the group.

3. Jimin
At first, Jimin joked that he were given a rating of 26,880, a whole lot to the wonder of his members.

RM quick peeked at Jimin`s laptop, disbelief written throughout his face…most effective to look that his rating changed into surely 10,688! Needless to say, it changed into a whole lot decrease than the range he initially said.

2. Jin
At 2nd area changed into none aside from BTS`s oldest hyung Jin! He scored 13,288 factors in total, nearly 3 instances what Jungkook were given.

1. RM
Finally, the member of BTS with the quickest typing talents is chief RM! He scored a complete of 14,343 factors, effortlessly setting him in first area.

At the begin of the episode, Jin claimed that RM “organized to get a stenographer license.” Although RM spoke back that it changed into only a rumor, he may want to possibly do it now and byskip with flying colors!

Were you capable of bet the very last rating?

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