BTS Takes Home Four Awards At The Fact This Year Besides The ‘Daesang’

BTS has won the Daesang(Grand Prize) at the Fact Music Awards for the fourth time in a row. 


At the on-tact( online and contact-free) ceremony of the 2021 Fact Music Awards on October 2, the South Korean boy band, BTS, took home four awards.

The accolades included the Daesang, Artist of the Year (Bonsang), Listener’s Choice, Fan N Star Most Voted (Singer), and the U+ Idol Live Popularity Award.


In their acceptance speech for Daesang, each member thanked #ARMY for their love and support. 


In his speech, the group leader, RM, recollected the band’s memories and achievements from the year, besides regretting not being able to meet the #ARMY. 

As Nam-Joon said, 

“We’re grateful to have received such a big award. We’ve done and achieved a lot this year, from getting No. 1 on Billboard [Hot 100], performing at the Grammys, and going to the United Nations, but we weren’t able to see our fans. We regret this a lot, but since we’ve received so much love from afar, we were able to receive another big award like this.”

But, hopefully, the #ARMY will not have to wait a lot to see their idols, as BTS is already working on its first in-person concert, since the pandemic, in November this year. 


Congratulations to BTS!



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