BTS “Super Tuna” Challenge Went Viral On TikTok, Garnering More Than 120 Million Views

BTS Jin is the viral TikTok sensation. His choreography to the surprised Birthday drop, “Super Tuna,” has amassed more than 120 Million views on the platform. 

The 29-years old released the special birthday drop on December 4. In the next 5 days, the video accumulated more than 20 Million views on YouTube and also trended #1 worldwide on the video-sharing platform for straight two days. 

During his birthday live stream, Jin confessed that lyrics are completely random and inspired by his love for fishing. However, considering the positive feedback from his friends and intimates, he decided to share the video with #ARMY. 

However, people are loving the fun challenge and acknowledging the great response it triggered, Jin posted on Weverse, 

“No guys, don’t do a Super Tuna challenge that I didn’t even plan. No, I’m so embarrassed.”

Have you watched the video? If not, go and check it out right now!

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