BTS Suga’s room for #ARMY is everything you need to see

‘BTS’ Suga has curated a room for #ARMY. The beautiful room illustration with Suga’s voiceover did not fail to impress the fans and bagged thousands of likes and retweets.

The message that Suga shared is very warming and reflective of his great love for #ARMY. The 27-year-old said,

“Since I am away from the other members these days, I have been looking at the pictures we took together. There were some photographs with fond memories. I hung up a few pictures because I thought something that could jog your pleasant memories with BTS could be a nice addition to your room.”

The rapper added, “Since BTS and ARMY are together forever, I drew in our logos and thought there could be a string of pictures from cities we toured in. I’m sure the time will come again soon when I can put up new pictures of new cities where we got to meet ARMY. ”

He concluded the message by saying, “Sleepy Suga needs his bed. A home is not a home without a bed! I wanted to put only the best in ARMY’s room, so I put it in a bed with a natural walnut frame. The bed we have is made in a similar way, so I tried to recreate the design. I put the soft fluffy mattress on it, so whenever you feel the need to nap, try and make yourself one with this bed.”

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