BTS Suga’s Iconic ”Yoongi, Marry Me” Meme Makes The Most Unexpected Appearance At The 2022 MAMA Awards

Suga wasn`t even on the event! 😂

One of the modern-day walking jokes withinside the BTS fandom that even the organization has gotten worried in is “Yoongi, Marry Me.” While it commenced as basically enthusiasts trying to marry Suga, it has now became a meme a good way to in all likelihood by no means cross away.

It looks as if the individuals of BTS can`t escape from the word, whether or not it`s their stay broadcasts…


Or even on the airport, Suga can’t escape from ARMY trying to marry him.

Spotted Marry Me Yoongi on the airport.😂😆

— Mimi (@theprincejm) April 18, 2022

The epic word even made it to the current 2022 MAMA Awards, which Suga didn`t even attend.

On November 30, Mnet held the second one day in their event, and it became attended with the aid of using a big variety of stars, consisting of BTS`s J-Hope. The idol wowed from the minute he stepped onto the crimson carpet.

Along together along with his beautiful look, the idol received interest for his superb 3-music performance, with the tracks “MORE,” “Arson,” and “FUTURE.”

He additionally went up level a couple of instances to obtain awards and specially received lots of love after triumphing an award as a soloist for “The Most Popular Male Artist.”

As expected, the group went surely loopy as J-Hope went up and acquired his award, thanking ARMYs and his individuals and searching greater attractive in his outfit.

Of course, in spite of the various flaws withinside the camerawork on the event, Mnet selected to expose the group at an excellent moment.

During the speech, while the digital digicam became filming the group, there has been a fan withinside the crowd with an revolutionary signal. As the digital digicam targeted on her and the enthusiasts with banners in that area, the signal said, “Hoseok-ah, be happy.”

But the ARMY fast became the banner, and it then said, “Yoongi, marry me.”

When the movies had been shared online, ARMYs couldn`t recover from the reality that the internal shaggy dog story became now virtually international and making its manner to big K-Pop events. They additionally cherished the reality that Suga wasn`t even there and would`ve cherished to look his response to the signal.

If that wasn`t enough, while J-Hope did a unique stay broadcast after the event, it seemed withinside the feedback with the idol explaining, “`Yoongi, marry me.` Yoongi hyung`s communicate is acting even here.”

It looks as if “Yoongi, marry me” will observe the BTS individuals everywhere, and there`s no escaping ARMYs love for Suga and their preference to marry him.

You can study greater approximately the long-lasting shaggy dog story below.

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