BTS Suga stuns the fans with a surprise NYEL stage appearance

BTS Suga joined the band on the 2021’s New Year Live concert stage.

This was the first stage appearance of the rapper, following his shoulder surgery.

On the eve, Yoongi delivered a heartwarming speech. He said,

“I often wonder if I’d be a better person today, had I met the old me. It may sound like a dream but that’s how we dream of encountering our old days. On the path we walked this far, countless answers and mistakes and endless questions that had us up at night are engraved. And now here, there’s a man who’s been answering all those questions. He told us to ignore those who laughed at our dreams; that we all are walking towards the answer of questions that can’t be erased; to not feel lonely since we’re walking together; to not grow ill again.”

This was a great moment for the #ARMY who got to see their hero on stage after a considerable medical leave.

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