BTS Suga Records 500 Million Streams On Spotify

BTS Suga has hit another important Spotify milestone. Lately, the artist has crossed a combined 500 million streams on the platform with his collaboration drops which involve
Song Request, SUGA’s Interlude, Eight, Blueberry Eyes, BBE Remixes, My Universe (SUGA’s Remix), and Girl Of My Dreams. 

Breaking down the net streams among the individual songs, the stats appear as,

  • Song Request ㅡ 22,367,843
  • SUGA’s Interlude ㅡ 68,879,353
  • Eight ㅡ 181,891,251
  • Blueberry Eyes ㅡ 159,640,421
  • BBE Remixes ㅡ 4,318,938 + 9,587,186
  • My Universe (SUGA’s Remix) ㅡ 13,516,295
  • Girl Of My Dreams ㅡ 40,912,954

Total: 501,114,241

#ARMY is congratulating the star on the impressive feat. ‘SUGA SPOTIFY LEGEND’ and ‘#SUGA500MSpotify are also trending across various social platforms to celebrate this win.

Congratulations, Suga!

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