BTS’ “See you in Seoul” video exceeded 400 million views in 2 months

Achieved 100 million views in 10 days after release on September 4

The promotional video of ‘SEE YOU IN SEOUL’ (SEE YOU IN SEOUL) with BTS and Seoul exceeded 400 million views.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Foundation on the 9th, the Seoul Tourism Promotional Video’SEE YOU IN SEOUL’ jointly by BTS and Seoul achieved 400 million views in two months of release.

The’SEE YOU IN SEOUL’ video combines the charms of 7 BTS members with 7 travel themes that can be experienced in Seoul, giving people around the world who have stopped traveling the feeling of enjoying a trip to Seoul on a LAN for a while. It made me feel, and conveyed my hopes and expectations for a trip to Seoul through the message’If the trip begins again, I hope that the first destination will be Seoul’.

The Seoul Tourism promotional video set a record of achieving 100 million views globally in 10 days after the first release on September 4, and as a result of maintaining an increase of 6 to 10 million views daily for the past two months, 400 million views Achieved.

Before the release of the Seoul Tourism Promotion Video, 7 countdown videos featuring BTS members were released every day, attracting the attention of global netizens around the world. Seven days after the start of the countdown video, the video was released. Subsequently, on September 28, the making videos containing the shooting of the promotional video of BTS were released sequentially.

The promotional video for this campaign was produced in nine languages, including Thai, Malaysian, Russian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese, as well as English, so that you can meet the advertisement video more easily and in a friendly manner.

The Seoul tourism promotion video recorded the highest number of views in the order of China, Indonesia, Russia, and Vietnam, confirming global interest in Seoul tourism and the Korean Wave.

The response of comments is as hot as the number of views of 400 million views. In more than 250,000 comments, expectations for a trip to Seoul and interest in tourist destinations in the video were confirmed. There were positive reactions such as’Of course, the first trip is Seoul’,’I already have my heart in Seoul’, and’I will surely look back to all the travel destinations in Seoul in the video’. In addition, realistic comments such as’I want to go to Seoul, but I don’t know when it will be’ and’I wish the corona disappears as soon as possible.’ She expressed positive interest through pleasant comments, ‘I decided to travel to Seoul, but I couldn’t decide who to go with’ and ‘I wish it was already Seoul when I woke up.’

This campaign video was posted on various global channels such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as YouTube, the video platform most used by people around the world.

Global Marketing Team Leader Jae-sun Hong said, “Cities around the world are taking their breath for a while in the situation of Corona 19. This campaign, conducted in the form of a LAN trip, met the needs of people who had been thirsty for travel by sharing the colorful aspects of Seoul. .

In October, the city of Smart Travel Asia selected’Best Asian Destinations’ among the’Best Asian Destinations’ category selected based on the results of readers’ votes for the past 10 years (2010-2019). Best Shopping City).


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