BTS RM’s Strategy For Picking Wedding Gifts Showcases His True Personality

Celebs…they may be much like us.

During his current look on the PSICK SHOW, BTS`s RM confirmed a completely unfiltered and sincere facet of his personality.

The communication among RM and the 3 hosts, Lee Yong Joo, Jung Jae Hyung, and Kim Min Soo, changed into so free-flowing that the whole episode appeared like simply 4 buddies placing out. In that informal environment, while the hosts requested how a lot he spends whilst gifting others, RM changed into shockingly candid.

While answering the question, RM special that he reveals wedding ceremony items the trickiest, and it`s very a lot due to the fact his reputation provides greater strain to the problem because of people`s expectations.

The BTS chief defined that he is going for the most secure alternative and receives hanwoo (Korean beef) as a gift in those cases. But given that he has a popularity to uphold, he opts for the “maximum to lowest price” clear out out to get his alternatives.

RM joked that the top-maximum alternatives normally arise nearly worth $1,000 USD, and he isn’t that eager on spending a lot for a marriage invite from a person who isn`t that close. So, he is going for the 0.33 or fourth alternative, normally worth $200-$three hundred USD.

He then brought that once he sends chukeuigeum or congratulatory cash for weddings, he splurges the maximum or doesn`t do it at all.

Now this is the spending addiction of a true `broke millionaire`, and the reality that RM confirmed such honesty approximately his budget honestly makes you recognize his easygoing personality.

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