BTS RM’s “Shirtless Workout” TMI Makes ARMYs Rediscover His Actually Shirtless Gym Photo

He knows how to piss people off…

The second part of BTS RM vlog “All Day With Kim Namjoon” was released on December 17th at 9 PM (KST) and caused havoc within minutes.

why? Because in this part of the vlog, RM shared his fitness routine with his viewers. He enjoys HYBE’s in-house gym, running,


pull-ups and push-ups,

seated row, bench press,

cable reverse fly, kettlebell deadlift,

The hanging leg is raised.

His workout montage itself was enough to make fans nervous, but the man decided to add a little mayhem to cause a bit of a ruckus. After finishing his set of handstands, RM suddenly said that usually, artists work out in the gym shirtless, but he will continue to exercise in his shirt “for your precious eyes.”

This sudden TMI has become the reason for many fans’ undoing currently. While a section of ARMYs are thankful that he was considerate enough to preserve their sanity by not going shirtless, others believe he mentioned working out shirtless to tease fans intentionally.

i feel crazy

— ☽ (@fayepjm) December 17, 2022

it’s the fact i know that he knows we would enjoy that

— mon⁷ 🌊 (@knjgIoss) December 17, 2022

namjoon you are WAYY too kind

— sen⁷ (@sugatradamus) December 17, 2022

In the middle of this chaos, someone actually managed to find a “shirtless” gym post from RM! The rapper has shared his workout routine before on his Instagram, but only in written form on his gym’s whiteboard. After his comment in the vlog today, some fans revisited the archive of his gym stories only to catch a glimpse of his apparently shirtless reflection.

Safe to say that when it comes to being keen observers, it’s hard to beat an ARMY looking for clues in a random BTS post.

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