BTS RM’s New Instagram Update Has ARMYs Debating Which Brand He Might Be Signed To

BTS chief RM has over again left ARMYs scrambling for clues together along with his cryptic new Instagram update.


The rapper isn’t anyt any stranger to leaving spoilers in simple sight of unassuming ARMYs. He has executed it so in many instances that now enthusiasts are usually on facet approximately each little spoiler-ish flow he makes.

BTS Comeback? Spoiler King RM Hints At New Music


Even remaining year, earlier than the discharge of his solo album Indigo, ARMYs guessed that he may be losing new track quickly while he modified his Instagram bio. Though enthusiasts couldn`t wager the album identify correctly, they had been proper approximately his new album being on its manner.

BTS RM Releasing His New Album? ARMYs Debate The Possibilities Over His Instagram Update


So while his antique Instagram profile photo and bio had been long gone abruptly, ARMYs had each purpose to suspect that he’s as much as some thing again. His present show photo turned into certainly considered one among his photographs from the Indigo jacket shoot, and his bio read, “Indigo.” But on January 21, the BTS member up to date his show photo to a strong grey circle, and rewrote his bio as “to eternity.”

ARMYs set to work immediately, attempting their toughest to determine out if this turned into some other hint. Given how the BTS participants at the moment are getting signed via way of means of luxurious style houses, many notion this may be a clue of RM`s upcoming style deal. So far, best Suga ( Valentino), J-Hope (Louis Vuitton), and Jimin (DIOR) were formally signed via way of means of luxurious brands. BIGHIT Music additionally these days instructed media that the relaxation of the participants are have additionally been decided on as ambassadors via way of means of unique brands, the information of in an effort to be found out eventually.

Only some days ago, Matthieu Blazy, the innovative director and Dario Gargiulo, the leader advertising and marketing and virtual enterprise officer of Bottega Veneta began out following RM on Instagram. Around the identical time, there had been reviews of the logo being in talks with a BTS member for a menswear deal. These information combined, fueled assumptions that RM is probably signed to the logo.


Now, the identical gray photo that RM has in his pofile, is being utilized by Laura Nycole, the social media curator for Bottega Veneta, as her profile photo. Mok Jung Wook, the photographer who shot RM`s Indigo idea photographs, additionally modified his profile photo to the identical photo. With these kinds of factored in, many ARMYs agree with that an RM X Bottega Veneta annoucnement is on its manner quickly.


But ARMYs determined out that the gray photo, and the tagline “to eternity,” can also doubtlessly be associated with Calvin Klein. The logo has a perfume men`s line called “Eternity” and the shadeation scheme for the product is absolutely gray-based.


The truth that each the photo and the brand new bio line up with this concept has many enthusiasts excited as ARMYs were trying RM to do a marketing campaign with Calvin Klein for years!


So, which one is it going to be?

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