BTS RM’s Drinking Habits And Attitude Towards Alcohol Showcases His True Personality

His habits also show why his apartment almost looks like a museum.

His RM of BTS gave his ARMY, the official fandom of BTS, a glimpse into his daily life in a series of vlogs uploaded on the group’s official YouTube channel. He toured the museum-like apartment for the first time, showed him how he prepared to perform, and even revealed his training to maintain a killer body.

At the end of a busy day, RM had dinner with John Eun, aka Eun Hee Young, who he collaborated with on track No. 2 from his latest album Indigo and his Forg_tful. The two shared pizza and beer before listening to RM’s new album from start to finish.

While eating, John Eun noticed that RM drank a glass of beer in front of him for the first time! became. You were never lightweight, and you never liked alcohol. Drinks were just alcohol for you. ”

RM agreed with Hyung (a Korean word for male meaning older man), saying, “I was careful with my drinking. It’s about having the time and money to enjoy drinking and knowing how to control it.” I like ideas.”

He explained that one of his main reasons for keeping a collection of alcohol at home is not to get drunk, but to appreciate all the different flavors and bottles.

It may seem like something an older man would do, but RM’s approach to a variety of drink-filled displays is that of living a simple life and accumulating knowledge rather than living a life of excess and luxury. It shows his true personality.The collection also makes his apartment even more like a museum!

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