BTS RM Gives 200 Lucky ARMYs The Best Gifts And Surprises At His Exclusive Concert

To say we`re jealous is an understatement!

On December 2, BTS`s RM wowed netizens whilst he launched his album Indigo.

Along with the lovely album, RM launched a beautiful video for his track “Wild Flower.”

On November 23, HYBE introduced that RM could be protecting a small overall performance recording consultation with best 2 hundred ARMYs on December five. The goal of maintaining the target target market as small as feasible is to permit RM to have interaction with them effectively.

As expected, with the sort of small quantity of places, it wasn`t sudden that the net had the funniest reactions to the announcement.

gonna get the ones random tweets from the random navy a part of the 2 hundred target target market who will communicate approximately namjoon`s chuckle his dimple his profound phrases his untold testimonies how he sounds acting stay how he’s so lovely in character how he-

— ree⁷ expert jin lover (@jkyoongs) November 23, 2022


— k⁷ ✘ (@koosjunie) November 23, 2022

After an extended wait, now no longer best became the lovely album launched, however December five got here, and the fortunate 2 hundred ARMYs made their manner to the live performance.

Even aleven though there wasn`t any content material from the live performance itself, as HYBE became very strict approximately attendees now no longer recording, lovers shared the items that RM gave the ones attending. ARMYs discovered that the idol now no longer best gave them a wristband to reveal they attended…

But they t a handwritten letter and postcard from the idol, with one which said, “Thank you for coming all this manner! Let`s have fun-!”

If the ones items weren`t properly enough, different lovers additionally shared that the idol gave them different particular and customized items.

One character shared that RM had additionally given the lovers a fantastically elaborate bookmark that completely geared up the topic of the album, along side a heady fragrance diffuser and fountain pen.

et, if that wasn`t enough, along side the lovely items, RM had a few unique items for the ones fortunate ARMYs attending.

In a tweet from one of the fortunate K-ARMYs, they defined that RM had some of unique visitors on the live performance. Specifically, there had been 4 unique artists that made an look on the live performance, and that they had been all musicians and manufacturers that seemed on RM`s Indigo album.

Everyone, four visitors got here today…

Paul Blanco

Kim Sawol


Jo Youjeen all completed and left, and I cheered like hell.

— OP

여러분 오늘 게스트 네분 오셨어요…

폴 블랑코



조유진 님 다 부르시고 가셨어요

개같이 응원함

— (@951230_951013) December five, 2022

It isn`t the primary time the BTS participants have won interest for his or her unique items to lovers at unique events. When the organization became promoting “Yet To Come,” ARMYs couldn`t comprise their pleasure on the romantic treats they received.

Although BTS has hundreds of thousands of lovers worldwide, they continually make certain every one is handled like royalty. The items continually maintain a unique meaning, and that they make sure everyone`s revel in is unforgettable at their events.

You can read more about gifts from BTS below.

BTS Gave ARMY The Sweetest, Romantic Presents…And We’re All Officially Jealous


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