BTS Remain The Top Scorer Among K-Pop Artists On Rolling Stone’s Top Songs List 

Rolling Stone has issued the list of the ‘Top 50 Songs of 2021’. Various K-Pop artists as BTS, TWICE, and Epik High have entered the list this year. 

Among the K-Pop artists, BTS remained the top scorer with its superhit “Butter” entering the tally at No. 16. No doubt, “Butter” has been one of the biggest music drops of the year with multiple records under its belt as the most viewed video on YouTube in 24 hours of debut.  

Acknowledging the impact, the Rolling Stone experts described the beat as, 

“BTS celebrate the power of silky beats, sunburst harmonies, party raps, and jump-up choruses with such unguarded joy it makes everyone else on the pop charts seem drab by comparison. “Butter” rides a Chic-loving disco groove similar to their megahit “Dynamite,” yet where that song was about their triumph as a group, this one gives everyone a chance to shine — and the addition of a killer Megan Thee Stallion remix only added to the good time.”

Meanwhile, TWICE’s “The Feels” procured the 50th spot, and Epik High’s “Rosario” earned the 40th place. 

Congratulations to BTS and all the other winners1

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