BTS “Permission To Dance” Crosses 100 Million YouTube Views

BTS’s “super 100 list” keeps on increasing. By super 100, we mean the “hits” that have actually been able to “hit” an impressive 100 “M-ill-ion” views on YouTube.

The latest addition to the list is “Permission To Dance. “ The brand-new champion that debuted just recently is already in the spotlight for taking away many accolades as soon as it was released-Most views in 40 minutes of its release is one of them.

So, this isn’t a surprise to have this winner entering the “super 100” compilation. It was expected of it, but it wasn’t anticipated for it to thrash open the doors to the “super hallway” just in two days of its debut.

The title achieved the feat on July 11 at around 5:09 p.m, around two days and four hours after its release.

Surprising ah, but it is BTS, and we shouldn’t forget that.

Congratulations to the BTS!

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