BTS New English Song, “Permission To Dance” Is Out Now

“We don’t need permission to dance.” BTS’s much-awaited English language song is out now.

The song co-written by the English star Ed-Sheeran is the band’s third overall English song following the “Dynamite” and “Butter.”

The song is a part of the Butter CD version. It debuted on July 9, along with three other pieces, including the disco-pop “Butter” and instrumental versions of both “Butter” and the brand-new “Permission To Dance.”

Like all other BTS compositions, this song too stands out in this production, and not to forget the lyrics- Perfect cowboy setting, with the band members mainly donning “the vibe” frilled jackets and trousers, it is hard not to get impressed with this masterpiece.

Also, the song’s lyrics are very moving and encouraging and synchronize perfectly with the fast beat.

  We don’t need to worry

                           Cause when we fall we know how to land”

Don’t tell; you haven’t listened to this fantastic creation. Check this on Bangtan TV YouTube channel, and let us know your thoughts on this.

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