BTS Jungkook Trends No.1 On Twitter In 208 Countries

BTS Jungkook is the real record-setter.  The 24-years old has many records to his name on various platforms.

Similarly, his success and influence on Twitter are not hidden from anyone. 

On the platform, he holds many records, as the only person with 5 tweets with over 1 million retweets each, the only person with 2 tweets with over 700, 000 comments each, the first person to have 3 tweets with over 500, 000 comments each, and a lot more.

But, this time, the record he has set on Twitter is unique in its way, as he becomes the first and only K-pop idol to have #1 on Twitter in not 1, 2, or 3, but a total of 208 countries in the world.

This means Jungkook trends No.1 in all the available regions on Twitter.

Congratulations to Jungkook!


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