BTS Jin’s Iconic Response When Asked About The Toys In His Bathroom Has ARMYs Divided About Its Meaning

Jin knows the art of “don’t let anyone guess your next move.”

On Nov. 12, KST’s BTS her YouTube channel, BANGTANTV, released her first two episodes of Jin’s new show with chef Baek Jong-won. “Jin’s Traditional Alcohol Journey” learns how to make traditional Korean alcohol from veteran craftsman Park Her Lok-dam, plays around with chef Baek like a close friend, and even stars throughout the show. It gave me a glimpse of plenty of personality. A glimpse into his bathroom.

ARMY noticed a quirky item in his bathroom that conveyed a signature gin vibe. Next to the white bathtub, there was a float bigger than the bathtub. Fan noticed rows and rows of children’s toys at the end of the tub and a child’s shower head.

While most ARMYs accepted that it was simply Jin being Jin, some were interested to be aware assuming those toys were for his infant nephew or some other child in his loved ones.In translator-generated Korean, one fan asked Jin whether the toys in his bathroom were intended for children.

In response,

Jin stated that those were, in fact, his toys, and that he uses them to play with water.However, Jin concluded his response with an open invitation to advertisers who might be interested, showing that he is a true marketing genius.

 When I play with water, I use them.Please get in touch with me, advertisers.—Jin,

 Weverse One-half of the fandom is in love with Jin now that they know he plays with those toys.The other half is in parts since they accept Jin is simply kidding, particularly on account of the brazen extra.

However Jin implied it facetiously, his image notoriety is really exceptionally high to draw in genuine organizations to employ him as their endorser.However, Jin quickly clarified that he is only concerned with producing high-quality content that ARMYs will enjoy rather than starring in commercials in a subsequent post, in which a fan stated that he will now receive numerous brand deals.

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