BTS Jin’s Evolution From Trainee To Military Man

After nine years of making a song his crimson coronary heart out for ARMY, BTS`s Jin has enlisted withinside the navy for his obligatory provider. In honor of his provider and his musical legacy, here`s a glance returned at Jin`s “Worldwide Handsome” adventure from trainee to navy man.


  1. Trainee Days (Early 2013)

It`s no mystery that Jin become “Worldwide Handsome” lengthy earlier than he gave himself the nickname. This pre-debut selfie, one of the first shared with ARMY, is proof.

Here`s a shot of Jin and RM (then Rap Monster) taking a breather at some point of an excessive dance practice…

…and Jin posing with Jimin in the back of the scenes.

It`s difficult to agree with that Jungkook has simply despatched off the hyung who used to power him to high school to the navy!


  1. Debut (June 2013)

Who knew those seven freshmen could in the future be the Kings of K-Pop? They genuinely didn`t!

Like the relaxation of his individuals, Jin started out as a boy with “huge dreams” that he made come genuine via difficult work…

…dedication, an unwavering notion in his personal talent…

…and teamwork.


  1. The Rise Of Bangtan (2014)

In 2014, BTS launched their album Skool Luv Affair, offering the destroy hit “Boy In Luv.” For a number of their promotions, BTS wore clothing stimulated through college uniforms to suit the album`s concept.

Here`s Jin at a fan signal searching like everybody`s first love.

BTS additionally made the rounds on radio suggests, range suggests, and fact suggests to get their song out there.


  1. The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Begins (2015)

Fast-ahead to 2015, the start of BTS`s mythical HYYH era, the song “DOPE”…

…and sleeveless Jin.

(You`re welcome.)


  1. Spreading His WINGS (2016)

2016 become a landmark yr for BTS. Their first Korean compilation album, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever, earned BTS their first Daesang award for “Album of the Year” on the 2016 Melon Music Awards and “Artist of the Year” on the 2016 MAMA Awards.

And did we mention “Blonde Jin?”

We have to say Blonde Jin!


  1. Jin Never Walks Alone (2017)

BTS`s seven individuals won’t be on level collectively for a while, however way to this unbreakable brotherhood, Jin will in no way stroll by myself again.

2017 gave us You Never Walk Alone, the repackage of BTS`s WINGS album, the queen of BTS`s songs (“Spring Day”)…

…and this hairdo, courtesy of Jungkook.


  1. Loving Himself (2018)

Through their LOVE YOURSELF albums, BTS recommended listeners to be loving and sort to themselves and others.

Worldwide Handsome is, of course, an professional at loving himself.

In fact, his individuals may say he loves himself too much!


  1. Mapping ARMY`s Soul (2019)

Moving on from the HYYH and LOVE YOURSELF eras become bittersweet, however 2019 opened the doorways for BTS`s Jungian-stimulated MAP OF THE SOUL concept…

…and Jin`s favored color, pink!

9. Lighting Up Like “Dynamite” (2020)

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the lives of billions of humans worldwide, however BTS added mild into those darkish times. Their hit song “Dynamite” gave ARMYs simply what they needed: fun, laughter…

…and the consolation of nostalgia.


  1. BTS, The Best (2021)

In 2021, BTS`s repute persisted to develop with their across the world acclaimed singles, “Permission to Dance” and “Butter”…

…and so did Jin`s visuals. Seriously,

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