BTS J-Hope Celebrates 28 Birthday Today 

Happy Birthday, J-Hope. 

BTS’s sunshine and Hope, J-Hope is celebrating 28 birthday today. Born in 1994, Jung started his music career with BTS in 2013. He opted for the stage name, J-Hope, to represent his solid belief in hope and positivity. He strives to be the Hope not just for himself but also for the people he loves, talking of which he said,

“Of course, I do have a burden and a pressure as an artist. I just take them in for what they are. I just try to express that I’m going to overcome these difficulties.”The rapper added, “things are really different from how they used to be. I just try to show who I really am. I think that’s the most comfortable for me. Everybody has, you know, different sides from what they show.”


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