BTS cMilitary Enlistment And Discharge Dates Prove That He Is Fated To Be With The Group Forever

The universe is supporting him.

It has now no longer been lengthy because the Korean media pronounced on BTS Jin`s enlistment. Not best did they verify that the famous person might be serving at the the front lines, additionally they pronounced on his enlistment center. This led to Jin penning a be aware to fanatics on Weverse to dissuade ARMY from attending the ceremony. Usually, pals and cherished ones visit the schooling camp to ship off the squaddies. In the case of celebrities, the media can also additionally on occasion attend if permitted.

Although an editorial I was hoping wouldn`t be posted was [released], ARMY, you can`t come to the schooling camp ㅠㅠ There may be lots of different human beings there except me, and it is probably risky because of the chaos. I love you, ARMY.

— Jin Fans

are each proud and torn to look him go. While they love that he isn’t searching for unique remedy just like the humble famous person he is, they’re additionally involved approximately Jin. Fans have already mounted the reliable Korean navy software to test his popularity. The app is open to anyone, and the consumer can sign up their soldier to test on their discharge dates and navy popularity. You may ship net letters on your soldier. All you want is their name, birthday, enlistment date, and schooling center.

For celebrities and different dignitaries, the app protects their privateness and does now no longer permit wellknown customers see all the soldier`s information. It appears that letters also are filtered in the ones cases. It is without a doubt said on his page, “Person of Sensitive Nature, Kim Seok Jin.”


Fans can nevertheless see his enlistment development and be counted number down the times to his discharge! According to the app, he may be discharged June 12, 2024. Coincidentally, the date is similar to BTS`s debut anniversary! He`ll be discharged in time to rejoice with the boys. Of course, he should nevertheless be launched earlier if he has go away days left. But his popularity as a soldier will nevertheless be legitimate till June 12, 2024. This popularity can also additionally save you him from performing on streams with the members, as it’s miles unlawful for squaddies to have jobs. But with this glad news, it appears he may be reunited with ARMY and BTS in time.


What`s even greater goosebumps-inducing is his enlistment date is associated with BTS too. December 13 — 12, 13. 1+2+1+3 = 7!

Jin is definitely intended to be one with BTS!

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