BTS “Butter” Official Music Video Teaser Is Out

The much-awaited Butter is only one day away from its debut. After the highly successful “Dynamite,” this is the second English language track by the BTS. So, the expectations are sky-high.

But, before the original tune enters the music sphere, the band makes sure to keep the audience hooked and the interest elevated.

That’s why, to add to the excitement, the band dropped a music video teaser of the song just lately. 

Dressed in white and Black, the “Boys” look simply AMAZING. Since its release on May 18, the video has already garnered an impressive 36,193,643  views on Youtube. Isn’t it amazing?

Now, we can’t wait to listen to the whole tune, which is to come out on May 21 at 1 p.m. KST. The twist is that BTS will also perform the track for the first time on television at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards. 

This is going to be AWESOME, and we just can’t wait for it.

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