BTS BE concept photos: ‘Each and every one of you is a unique and precious gem’, says Jin

BTS army loves Jin for his ‘unpredictability.’ After seeing the mesmerizing concepts photos of Jimin, V, RM, and JungKook, fans were impatiently waiting to treat their eyes with Jin’s, but at the same time had great expectations and looking forward to nothing less than the best.

Luckily, Jin succeeded in maintaining the standards, as the concept photos released today, have taken us aback. The 27 years-old has curated a room that is delicate and intricate, but, it’s giving a very powerful message; The message of loving oneself, and recognizing one’s uniqueness and beauty.

Explaining the concept of his room, Jin said:

“Hello, welcome to Jin’s room. I am the curator, Jin. The point of this room which is bedecked with gems is that you can never tell what is a jewel and what isn’t. When I first stepped into this room, I was immediately shocked and overwhelmed by the sight of this huge gemstone, but it turns out it was me all along. Aren’t you absolutely mesmerized by the largest gem in this room, too? Have you perhaps forgotten along with way, that each and every one of you is a unique and precious gem? Never forget to cherish yourself, and always remember you are a sparkling gem, always remember to sparkle with confidence just like me,”

Do you like the concept? Let’s know in the comments below.

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