BTS, Awarded’Music Innovator of the Year’ by Wall Street Journal

Group BTS (BTS) was selected as the 2020 Music Innovator by Wall Street Journal Magazine in the’Innovator of the Year’ music category.

The Wall Street Journal magazine announced this through online streaming on the 12th (Korean time).

Leader RM said in the video released with the announcement of the award, “We are just ordinary kids who love music and performance,” and “I dream of giving people hope and love, positive energy and inspiration.”

The members of BTS also explained how the messages of’Love yourself’ and’Speak yourself’ that were delivered through music had an effect on them.

Jin said, “When I was a student, I couldn’t love myself, but after doing this job, I got loved by so many people. That’s why I started giving love.”

J-Hope said, “Love Yourself and Speak Yourself are very special to me as well,” and “one important material that has influenced us very much.”

V delivered a cheering message saying, “I think the situation will be a lot difficult for everyone in the world. In this case, I wish I could load more’bullets’ positively.”

The members also talked about the meaning of’innovation’ they think. Suga said, “Innovation seems to be’unstoppable'” and “I think it’s most important to keep changing without complacent.”

Jungkook said, “If there is something that I feel by accomplishing something in small things myself, would it be an innovation?”, and Jimin expressed the idea that “a sense of accomplishment when I constantly challenge and accomplish it, and the result is innovation.”

The Wall Street Journal magazine selects and awards’innovators’ in various cultural categories every year, and this year is the 10th awards ceremony.

This year, in addition to BTS, Jennifer Lopez was selected as an innovator in pop culture and Patty Smith in literature.

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